Smiles In Action

"Smiles in Action" introduces people of all ages to the art of Dance Sport. Active lifestyle is essential for healthy body and mind. Moving to music and doing it in a group-setting with peers under professional guidance and expert instruction, enables participants to unleash suppressed emotions, fears and doubts by allowing art and sport, culture and movement to merge. "Smiles in Action" will encourage everyone to express themselves in a safe, unique and friendly environment. Body and soul become engaged in an activity that is usually so expensive on the private level, that only a few privileged people can participate in it. The majority of Canadians never even get a glimpse into a magical world of Dance Sport.

Dance Sport promotes individual's self-growth, along with a great range of potential improvements in self-development, self-expression, self-esteem, self-awareness, movement, coordination, posture, balance, musicality, emotional behavior, social interaction, inner expression, better cultural coexistence and so much more.

Smiles In Action

Smiles in Action strives to use DanceSport through social missions to improve the well being of children from different backgrounds, financial situations and health conditions across Canada. We do so by providing children access to an educational, healthy, and physically involved activity such as DanceSport.

Creating positive changes in the education and personal growth of children is Smiles in Action number one's priority. Achieving it by developing and improving their potential in mobility, their skills to acquirer knowledge and practices the movement's literacy. Furthermore, our methodology of teaching used by our qualified DanceSport instructors helps those children develop their creativity, to present ideas through movement and body language in order to express themselves in a new way.